Can we cancel Christmas this year?

christmasminis 074_edited-1

I’ve always loved Christmas. The music, the lights, shopping, celebrations, presents, dresses, bows….family. I love it all. I love waking up early on Christmas morning and watching my kids tip toe into the living room to see what Santa brought. It’s such an exciting time and a huge part of childhood that every person should get to experience. The look of magic and wonder on my children’s faces is priceless, but short lived also.

I began to notice it about two Christmases ago when my oldest was four and her sister was almost two. We always have place after place to go in the weeks and days leading up to Christmas Day. Every get together we would exchange gifts and the girls would rip through layers of wrapping paper only to look at the gift for about a millisecond and then on to the next one.  It’s cute at first, but when they begin to say things like “is that all?” or “where is another one for me,” it gets embarrassing. I know a lot of it is just being a child, but it really made me think about how much emphasis we as a society put on Christmas. What is this teaching my children? What are they taking away from this gift giving?

In all honesty, Christmas is exhausting for me. It’s only November 13th and I’m already feeling the stress start to build as I begin looking at Black Friday ads and make out my list. Also, I’m already feeling the pressure of scheduling a family get together around everyone’s schedule. How do I tell my family that I’m skipping Christmas dinner to go to my husband’s family’s dinner and vice versa?  What do you buy children who already have everything and need nothing? Where do you put new gifts when you have no more room in your house? How do you explain why Santa couldn’t buy that super expensive gift you asked him for? It’s so STRESSFUL!! I just want to cancel Christmas!!

Why do we put this much pressure on ourselves?

Is this a women/mom/wife/teacher/control-freak thing?

How do you handle the holiday stress?


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